woensdag, oktober 27, 2010

How to fool the public...

Bovenstaande video is afkomstig van de Powerslide website. Het toont de verslagen van de 500m en 1000m op de piste. Beide gewonnen door Joey Mantia. Beide wedstrijden ook gewonnen op MPC RoadWar wielen (zie foto's)

Maar dan achteraf snel op Matters overstappen om de sponsor tevreden te stellen. Die sponsor pakt dan uit met de 2 wereldtitels op "hun" producten. Proefrit doen met Audi S3 en naar huis gaan met A3. Volgens mij is dat strafbaar (met die auto hé). In dit geval verkoop je een product dat eigenlijk die naam niet waard is. Munoz, naast Joey op het podium, wordt ook betaald door Matter, maar heeft dan wel het fatsoen om op het podium met zijn MPC wielen te gaan staan. Zal misschien niet zo een dikke "pre" zijn als die van Joey.

Vind dit wel wat erover. Als andere wielen beter zijn, dat kan maar, laat ze dan ook die roem behouden. Valse informatie uitzenden naar eventuele klanten getuigd van weinig respect voor die mensen.


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Anoniem zei

the very act of you taking the time out to create this post (screen shots and all) is well beyond tasteless and shows severe lack of class. It would be much more favorable to both you and bart's image if you kept ignorance like this to yourself, as it often inaccurately reflects negatively upon him; after all, this blog does seem to be based heavily upon what he does. But then again, if you have such a complex due to lack of recognition or you feel unimportant, keep up this garbage, i suppose it will draw a little bit of attention and get you a couple high fives from your friends

great job :) very proud of you

Itachimaru zei

Well first of all I didn't make these. So copy and paste didn't ask for much of my time. My only point in bringing this up was to tell people (specially the new ones in our sport, in my club, it's in dutch for that) that you can't believe everything you see. I'm well aware that this happens with others brands as well, just this case was really abvious.

But you come here and say I'm tasteless and have a lack off class?

Please, enlight me what you meant by writing this: http://s3.photobucket.com/albums/y57/Itachimaru56/SHit/?action=view&current=Shit.jpg

I can understand you being dissapointed, you're a great skater and you probably thaught of winning more gold on the road races, wich you still can offcourse, but don't come here speaking of class, when that is the way you respond after losing a race.

My post is in no way a means in attacking Joey Mantia.(Since you were the only one who changed wheels back, it's you on the pictures...) I had the biggest respect for you, but that kind of respondig goes against anything you so heavily promote on your blog and twitter. And it goes against my idea of good sportmanship.

I wish you the best in the races to come and succes in all other endeavers you start. For me this ends here.


Jelle Spruyt