dinsdag, maart 31, 2009

Andres Munoz

POWERSLIDE statement to Andres Muñoz:

"You might, or might not be aware of the fact that Andres Muñoz was banned from racing in Cartagena due a high Hematocrit level. Already at the moment that he was banned, the Colombian federation stressed that this was by no means an indication for any prohibited substances yet protection for the skaters against the eventual health risk brought upon by the high Hematocrit. Ever since this incident happened there have been expressed many unfounded allegations against Andres, all over the internet.

POWERSLIDE has refrained from any comment because we considered it important to first get to know all the facts, backgrounds and circumstances before we would come out with any statement. In fact right after the incident, Andres voluntarily took an anti doping test, to prove that at no point he used any forbidden/illegal substances.

Today we have received the results of this test, which we are publishing below. Taking into account the results of the test and all background information that Andres and the Colombian Federation have provided, POWERSLIDE is convinced of the fact that Andres Muñoz is a clean athlete. We thank him for being so open with us, and wish him all the best of luck in the upcoming season. POWERSLIDE once again would like to make very clear that we have a very strict anti doping policy, and that keeping speedskating clean is one of our main priorities. We herewith consider this case closed."

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