woensdag, september 17, 2008

Days after...

Na elk WK is er veel aftertalk. Soms wel eens nuttig om de meningen van anderen te lezen. Ten eerste is er in de US een beetje een hetze ontstaan over de juniors heren. Lees op het Hyper-forum. Joey Mantia antwoord hierop op zijn blog.

"Second, when did it become so easy to quit? Dropping out of drills and quitting is really hard to do if you convince yourself that it's absolutely not acceptable. However, letting it happen once sets the stage for disaster in most cases. Furthermore, think of it as a drug; you try it one time and you can actually trick yourself into thinking it's good for you, thus making it that much easier to do it the next time. Then suddenly, it just becomes a habit that can be much harder to shake than you ever thought possible."

Op de blog van Wouter gaat het ook over hoe hij de volgende maanden ingaat. Voor de Europeanen en voor de Orana-renners is het seizoen pas over begin oktober. We blijven dus nog even doortrainen, al is het wel op een lager pitje dan voor het wk.

Verder nog enkele leuke vertalingen gemaakt? door Skeelerke op het BIC-forum.

"Junior Men’s 20,000 Elimination:
Without doubt the Crown Prince of Junior Men at this years’ World Championship is Belgium’s Bart Swings. His ability to do both the sprints and distances, against others who have specialised in one or the other event, shows he is a unique mighty force. He is not one of the larger competitors in any division. Certainly he does not cast a big shadow. To the uneducated in speed skating, he could even appear to be malnourished. But this stick-like figure has powers and abilities far beyond normal. Compliments to his coach, but the accolades must be his, for he truly has been not only a wonderful athlete but a delight to the spectators from all counties.
What can we expect of Bart when he finally moves to the senior ranks? Only time will tell. To show how fantastic Bart’s gold medal was, he did a ‘double’ on the night, taking bronze in the 500 m. his gold medal in the points race was more incredible due to the fact that he had to fight off 2 Italian skaters, who eventually both medalled; Riccardo Bugari took the silver and his team mate, Andrea Andreotti, the bronze."

Nog nooit de moeite gedaan om dit te vertalen, nu ik weet hoe grappig Guido schrijft zal ik wel wat meer zijn site Babelfishen. Malnourished, stick-like figure :-) en toch zo snel...


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