dinsdag, maart 18, 2008

Verschil tussen posts...

Vorig weekend was er een wedstrijd in Duitsland een halve marathon. Gewonnen door Pascal Ramali. Nu op de powerslide website stond er een klein verslagje over de wedstrijd. Lees hier.

"After 1km Pascal attacked for the first time up hill, but he was caught back5 minutes later. Then Felix contered and was followed by Jan van Loon andMarcus Pape. After only a few minutes Pascal and another guy joined thisgroup.
Then Pascal attacked and broke away. He did a solo for like 15km andwon with NEW TRACK REKORD (about 2 minutes faster than Alain Gloor/CH) and about 1,5 minutes in front of the pack. Felix finished with a good 3rd place. He was leading most of the time in the pack, because the others couldnt follow. In connection of the race Felix and Pascal did another lap on the circuit,because Felix wasn't tired "

Nu Andrew Kraft die ook een blog onderhoudt was ook op de wedstrijd aanwezig en schreef er de volgende post over.

"Dudes at Powerslide: Drop the arrogance (and stop using babelfish for your texts). Arrogance stinks and I surely don't enjoy reading that BS.
Felix was the biggest, blocking nuisance ever (no wonder he wasn't "tired", he just slowed down the race actively, where ever he could).Yes, nobody really tried to chase down Pascal, good job for him. But in stead of noticing that and leaving the other teams to lead a normal race, Felix would skate an extremely slow road block (eg. jump in front of everybody on a narrow road).
Quite frankly, it's the beginning of the season and I'm not going to grab and throw him into the bushes. But, to me he was seriously making a fool of himself out there.
.Anyways: I have questions: If Felix is just the bomb and everybody else was way too tired, why did his sorry a** only get 3rd and not 2nd to his team mate? I thought we were all to dead to follow?Somebody correct me here if I'm missing the point!?"

Ja, het ene verslag is het andere niet...

Voor de rest weinig nieuws. Zal na dit weekend wel anders zijn. In Frankrijk 3 pistes op het programma en in de US de Tampa Classic met verschillende grote namen. Mantia, Dobbin, Contin,...


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