woensdag, januari 09, 2008

Orana nieuws verspreid zich...

Het nieuws van het nieuwgvormde Orana racing team verspreid zich snel onder de skeelersites...

Bill Begg had het volgende te zeggen:

"Its great to see, that a person who used to delight in inventing names, to not reveal his identity while writing on the Bont board, has stoped talking & spung into action.

At Last years Europeans & Worlds it became apparent that there was a lot of talent in the Belguim Junior Men, Renee Hildenbrand the USA based coach had spent time Coaching in Belguim & the Spruyt's had put in a big effort to learn more, with visits to the USA & coaching a number of youngsters.

Now Orana Racing Team 2008 has picked up on this & picked up most the young talent.The biggest star Bart Swings was last year picked up by Zepto & a World title winner on Bont 3 points in 2007.This year he will be surrounded by fellow Belguim skaters in the one Family of Young talent.Barts Swings, Ferre Spruyt, Wannes Van Praet, Maarten Swings & Jorge Vandenberge make up the team.Its believed they will race in a number of areas including GBC, SIC & possibly some WIC appearances.

Lets hope we see the bright young star Bart Swings test himself out a few times amongst the Worlds best."


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