donderdag, januari 03, 2008

Interview JM deel 2

Interview door Michael Cheek met Joey Mantia deel 2: via blog Michael Cheek.
"MC- Alight lets jump to 2008. Answer Wheels has just been launched. Give us a little inside info and maybe a little plug.
JM-Answer will be here before you know it and i personally cannot wait. Indoor, we finally get to see the sonic welding technology that I've been desperately waiting for to make the indoor wheels that much better. Outdoor, we're going to see a whole new hub design... a ONE PIECE hub. This is going to give us a brand new set of variables to play with and develop to adjust the speed and traction of our outdoor urethane's. Answer Wheels will be globally distributed by the Luigino Family, where as Matter was shared between Powerslide and Luigino. This is a huge deal, as WE now have complete control over any changes in development, sizing options, colors, hub types, and most importantly, quality control. I think everyone will be very pleased with the new Answer line that is to come."
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